The MISSION of Rockaway Herbs is to connect people with the healing plants in their community. 

This can start with simply observing which plants are growing in our yards, along the sidewalk, in nearby vacant lots or open meadows, gardens, farms, wooded areas and the forest floor. Wherever we live, there are plants that are our potential allies growing all around us.  Once we begin to identify plants and observe them over time, we inevitably begin to notice the web of life that surround them: insects, pollinators, birds, mammals, and reptiles. The soil reveals itself across seasons. Just learning one plant can start us on our journey. 

ROCKAWAY HERBS is a small plant medicine company based in the Edgemere neighborhood of Far Rockaway, Queens in New York City.  The herbs that we use are grown using organic practices or carefully harvested from the wild.

HEIDI WOOLEVER founded Rockaway Herbs in 2014 after moving to New York City after 8 years in rural Maine and upstate New York. While sheep farming, Woolever began to study the books of Juliette de Baraclai Levy and observe her flock's intuitive knowledge about plants.  This led to an ever widening interest in plant medicine for animals and people, and eventually to the founding of Rockaway Herbs. 

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