Dried Herbs

Dried Herbs

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To purchase OR pre-order bulk herbs, please contact us.  Herbs with a * are also available as fresh plant material.  

Anise Hyssop - leaf and flowers* $13/lb

Bee Balm - above ground plant* $15/lb

Bitter Melon Leaf $14/lb

Bitter Melon Fruit $15/lb

Blue Vervain - leaf and flowers $20/lb

Calendula - flowers* $22/lb

Catnip - leaf and flowers $20/lb

Chamomile - flowers $28/lb

Chickweed - leaf and flower $13/lb

Chicory* - root $15/lb

Cleavers - leaf $12/lb

Comfrey - leaf and flower $12/lb

Dandelion - leaf* $19/lb

Dandelion - root $22/lb

Echinacea - leaf and flower* $15/lb

Echinacea - root $25/lb

Goldenrod - leaf and flower $12/lb

Holy Basil - leaf and flower* $16/lb

Honeysuckle - flower $35/lb

Hops - flower $40/lb

Horseradish - root $13/lb

Hyssop - leaf and flower* $19/lb

Lavender - leaf and flower* $30/lb

Lemon Balm - leaf* $14/lb

Lemon Basil - leaf and flower*......... $20/lb

Lemongrass - leaf* $13/lb

Lime Basil - leaf and flower* $20/lb

Mint - leaf* $12/lb

Motherwort - leaf and flower* $18/lb

Mullein - leaf $10/lb

Mullein - flower $40/lb

Mugwort - leaf* $10/lb

Nettle - leaf * $18/lb

Raspberry - leaf* $14/lb

Red Clover - flower* $32/lb

Rosemary - leaf $18/lb

Spilanthes - leaf and flower* $15/lb

Sweet Annie - leaf and flower* $15/lb

St. Johnswort - above ground parts* $12/lb

Sumac - fruit* $13/lb

Wood Betony - leaf and flower* $16/lb

Yarrow - leaf and flower* $13/lb

* also available as fresh plant material *